Good Health Fitness is a 24/7 friendly, community-style gym where everyone belongs no matter where you are in your fitness journey. We believe everyone deserves good health.


Good Health Fitness is locally owned and operated. The owner created this facility for Nicholasville, so people would have a place to go workout and unwind where they felt welcomed and comfortable. He wanted to focus on the concept that although everyone is on a different fitness level, they are accepted at Good Health Fitness. His mom gave him this idea that people need a place to workout where they felt welcomed . He felt like if he created a space where his mom would have felt this acceptance, so would everyone else that walked in the door.


We want to give back to the community. 10% of all profits will go back to the community by being donated to a charity in Jessamine County.

With an educated and friendly staff, spacious facility, and welcoming atmosphere you are sure to feel like you belong at Good Health Fitness!